Decoupled Install - Overview

Decoupled install is performed without involving the CommServe until you are ready to add the Client and/or MediaAgent to the CommCell. Once all necessary physical connections are established, the computer can be added to the CommCell. This feature will be useful when you want to pre-image computers with the software at a central location and later ship them to the environment where you plan to use them. For the list of Agents and Common Technology Engine components that can be installed in Decoupled mode, see Installation - Support.

The following section describes the steps involved in installing the Decoupled Installation Package:

  1. Decoupled Installation

  2. Register the Client Computer

You can also create a Decoupled installation package, and later deploy the components to multiple client computers.

Before you begin, verify that the computer on which you want to perform the Decoupled instillation satisfies the minimum requirements specified in System Requirements.

Decoupled installations cannot be performed on a clustered environment.