Downloading Installation Media

We recommend that you always use the latest software media to install SnapProtect.

You can download the latest software media, such as the Download Manager and software discs, using one of the following methods:

Preferred Method: From Cloud Services


You must have a valid user account on the Cloud Services Web site. To create an account, see Getting Access to the Cloud Services Web Site.


  1. Go to the Software Store page on the Cloud Services Access Web site.

    On the Software Store page, the software media items are displayed.

  2. On the left side of the page, under the Category filter, click Installer.
  3. Click the Download button next to the software media that you want to download.

    For example, to download the latest Download Manager application for 64-bit Windows computers, look for V10 R2 64-bit Download Manager.

Alternate Method: From Maintenance Advantage

  1. Login to your computer on which you wish to download the software.

    For Unix machines, log on to the Unix client as root.

  2. Enter Maintenance Advantage site URL in the browser.

    Enter your user account credentials.

    Click Login.

  3. Select software version from the Select Version menu.

  4. Click the Downloads & Packages tab and then click SnapProtect Electronic Software Distribution link.

  5. Click the Resumable Download Manager tab.
  6. Select the software media depending up on your operating system, click Launch Download Manager and follow the prompts to download the software media.

    You might be prompted to install the Akamai NetSession Interface if you do not have it already installed on your computer. The NetSession Interface is a download manager used to reduce download time and increase quality.

    Once the download completes, you will see the following items in the location where the software package was downloaded:
    • If you downloaded the Download Manager (also known as Bootstrapper Installer), you can see the application executable along with the checksum file.

      For an overview, list of advantages and usage details, see Download Manager.

    • If you downloaded a software disc, you can see the .iso image of the disc.

      Mount the .iso using an appropriate software (for example, MagicISO). Once mounted, use the software package from the mount location.