Custom Package - Overview

The SnapProtect installer allows you to create installation packages where you can include the software components you need. These installation packages are referred to as custom packages. During the creation of a package, you can also record the answers for the installation prompts, allowing the user to install the custom package with little or no interaction as well as reducing the overall size of the package. Custom packages are useful when you need to send install packages to remote clients.

The following describes the steps for creating and installing a custom package:

  1. Create a Custom Package

    • Select the necessary components to build the custom package. This enables you to build smaller packages based on the requirements of the client computer.
    • Create a self-extracting executable file for installing the custom package in the client computer. This enables you to easily deploy the software with a one-click deployment procedure.
    • Save the installation options in the current deployment setup so that it can be reused later.
  2. Install Using the Custom Package

    Copy the customized installation package that you have created to the desired client computer and perform the installation.

Size of the Custom Packages

The size of the custom package depends up on the number of packages that you select while creating the custom package.
When you create a custom package by selecting only a single package, the approximate size of the custom package would be 100 MB.

However, when you try to create a custom package by selecting more than one package, the size of the first package alone would be 100 MB, and each additional package that is selected hereafter will increase the size of the custom package by 30 MB.

See the following table for a greater detail:

Number of Packages Selected Custom Package Size (MB) Comments
1 100  
2 130 100 MB + 30 MB  = 130 MB

*100 MB for the first package.

*30 MB for the second package.

3 160 100 MB  + 30 MB  + 30 MB  = 160 MB

*100 MB for the first package.

*30 MB for the second package.

*30 MB for the third package.