XML Input File for CommServe® Silent Install

Table of Contents

Example XML File Contents

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>

<CVInstallManager_ClientSetup Focus="New" JobID="0" OEMID="1" Operationtype="0">
  <CommserveHostInfo _type_="3" clientName="" hostName="" />
  <Dialogs name="LaunchSQLInstall" show="0" />
  <Dialogs name="ShowDestinationPathDialog" show="0" />
  <Dialogs name="ShowDataFileInstallPathDialog" show="0" />
  <Dialogs name="ShowExpressRecoveryPathDialog" show="0" />
  <Dialogs name="ShowSQLUserPasswordDialog" show="0" />
  <Dialogs name="ShowCommcellAccountInfoDialog" show="0" />
  <Dialogs name="ShowSoftwareCacheSetupDialog" show="0" />
  <Dialogs name="ShowFTPCacheDialog" show="0" />
<clientComposition activateClient="1" packageDeliveryOption="0">
<client cvdPort="8400" evmgrcPort="8402" installDirectory="">
  <clientEntity _type_="3" clientName="" hostName="" />
  <osInfo Type="Windows" osId="313" />
  <clientGroups _type_="28" clientGroupName="" />
  <clientProps enableAccessControl="0" />
  <commcellConsole configureWebAlias="1" />
  <commonInfo RequestedbyReleaseLicAtClientLevel="0" globalFilters="2" storageOrSubclientPolicy="1" useExistingStoragePolicy="1" />
<csdbInfo setupSoftwareCache="1">
  <CommCellUser password="3cfe3eeb854e8aa64e0155bec019674d5" userName="admin" />
  <ERPath path="C:\dr" />
<FTPLocation path="C:\SoftwareCache">
  <userAccount password="" userName="" />
  <componentInfo ComponentId="1" ComponentName="File System Core" _type_="60" clientSidePackage="1" consumeLicense="1" osType="Windows" />
  <componentInfo ComponentId="20" ComponentName="CommServe" _type_="60" clientSidePackage="1" consumeLicense="1" osType="Windows" />
  <componentInfo ComponentId="801" ComponentName="Commserve DB" _type_="60" clientSidePackage="1" consumeLicense="1" />
  <componentInfo ComponentId="701" ComponentName="Commcell Console" _type_="60" clientSidePackage="1" consumeLicense="0" osType="Windows"/>
  <componentInfo ComponentId="51" ComponentName="MediaAgent" _type_="60" clientSidePackage="1" consumeLicense="0" osType="Windows" />
  <componentInfo ComponentId="702" ComponentName="File System" _type_="60" clientSidePackage="1" consumeLicense="1" osType="Windows" />
  <componentInfo ComponentId="252" ComponentName="Web Server" _type_="60" clientSidePackage="1" consumeLicense="1" osType="Windows" />
  <componentInfo ComponentId="803" ComponentName="DM2 Web services DB" _type_="60" clientSidePackage="1" consumeLicense="1" />
  <componentInfo ComponentId="23" ComponentName="Workflow Engine" _type_="60" clientSidePackage="1" consumeLicense="1" osType="Windows" />
  <componentInfo ComponentId="808" ComponentName="Workflow Engine DB" _type_="60" clientSidePackage="1" consumeLicense="1" />
  <componentInfo ComponentId="259" ComponentName="Search Advanced Document Type Support" _type_="60" clientSidePackage="1" consumeLicense="1" osType="Windows" />
  <componentInfo ComponentId="726" ComponentName="Web Console" _type_="60" clientSidePackage="1" consumeLicense="1" osType="Windows" />
<dm2WebService dm2DataFileInstallPath="C:\sql\Data\DM2WebServiceDB" dm2WebSitePort="81" searchSvcWebAlias="SearchSvc" xmlViewWebAlias="xmlview">
  <sqlServerInfo sqlServerName="lotus\Company" />
  <mediaAgent />
  <webConsole webConsolePort="80" webConsoleURL="http://lotus.company.com:80/webconsole/#app=LaptopBackup,client=CLIENTNAME" webServerClientId="lotus" webURL="http://lotus.company.com:80/webconsole" />
<installFlags addToFirewallExclusion="1" autoRegister="0" decoupledInstall="1" deletePackagesAfterInstall="0" forceReboot="0" ignoreJobsRunning="0" install32Base="0" install64Base="0" killBrowserProcesses="0" launchRegisterMe="1" overrideClientInfo="0" restoreOnlyAgents="0" showFirewallConfigDialogs="0" stopOracleServices="0" unixGroupAccess="7" unixOtherAccess="7" upgradeMode="0" useNewOS="0">
<sqlInstall sqlDataFilePath="C:\sql">
  <sqlSaUserAccount password="35c93e51ce40d0f1917d81821db0872aae4521074d87ba1df" />


XML File Parameters

Listed below are the required and optional fields in the XML file that the silent install process requires:

Parameter Name


Focus This value is the Instance number to which the software will be installed in a multi-instance environment. For more information about Instances, see Multi Instancing.

Specify Instance001, if you are installing the software on the first instance. If the machine has a multiple instance, if you are installing to an existing instance, specify the instance number. Example: Instancexxx.

clientName The client Name is the name of the  CommServe computer. This is a client's short name. (e.g., vega).
hostName This is the server’s host name, which can be either a long name or a short name (e.g., vega.stars.com).

Do not use this parameter if you are running a Decoupled Install of the software.

cvdPort This is the TCP port number for the Communications Service (CVD).
evmgrcPort This is the TCP port number for the Client Event Manager Service (EvMgrC).
installDirectory This is the directory where you want the Base software and/or iDataAgent installed.
clientName Optional. This is the client’s short name (e.g., sirius.star.com or sirius).
hostName Optional. This is the client’s long name (e.g., sirius.star.com).
jobResulsDir path This is the directory where you want the job results to reside.
ComponentId These are the package Id(s) of the components (agents) to be installed, and these parameters are required if they are not specified in the command line. See List of Package Ids for valid values (e.g., 1101).
osType This value defines the type of the Operating System.
globalFilters (Optional) This is used to filter out specific directories or files from the backups within the CommCell. The filters are set using the Control Panel in the CommCell Console and, if enabled, they will be effective for the default subclient. Valid values include 0 (use the CommCell-level policy), 1 (on), and 2 (off).
password This is the password used to log in to the CommCell, and this information is required if the CommCell is enabled for client authentication. Valid values are registered in the CommServe.
userName This is the user name used to log in to the CommCell, and this information is required if the CommCell is enabled for client authentication. Valid values are registered in the CommServe.
ERPath This is the path where Disaster Recovery Backup files will be stored.
FTPLocation This is the path where the update files from the FTP site will be stored.
configureWebAlias This value indicated to configure the CommCell Console for web administration.
deletePackagesAfterInstall This value indicated to delete the packages after silent install.
forceReboot This value indicated to reboot the machine if required. A reboot will be required after install to initialize the QSnap driver, before you can use this Agent.
ignoreJobsRunning This value is used during Install Software from CommCell Console. This is used to ignore the job during software install from CommCell Console
killBrowserProcesses This value is used to kill the Browser if any browsers are running during Console install.
showFirewallConfigDialogs This value indicates that the firewall dialog screens will not be displayed during the remote install; a value of 1 means they will be displayed. For more information about firewalls, see Firewall Considerations.
stopOracleServices This value indicates to stop the oracle services during Oracle iDataAgent install. Use value 0 to stop the services, value 1 to start the services
upgradeMode This value indicated that this is silent upgrade; a value 1 means this is upgrade.
sqlDataFilePath This is the location where you want to setup the Microsoft SQL Server System databases.
sqlSaUserAccount This is the password for the administrator's account created by SQL during the installation.