Uninstalling Components - Troubleshoot

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Uninstall fails with error "Setup failed to retrieve registry info"


An environment variable has an empty value or the user performing the uninstall operation has insufficient rights to some of the folders in the computer.


  1. Check the system environment variables to see if any of them do not have a value assigned to them. (Or it evaluates to an empty value.)

    To display and check the current settings of the environment variables; open a command prompt and type set, and press <Enter>.

    If an environment variable is not set to a significant value, you must either remove it or ensure that it has a significant value.

    You can manage environment variable settings from the Windows Control Panel.

  2. Make sure that you have sufficient permissions for one or more of the following folders on the computer:
    • Windows Temp directory
    • Software destination folder
    • A hidden Installer folder located under the Windows folder.

After uninstalling the DB2 iDataAgent by using the Control Panel, there are issues connecting to the production database


The DB2 LOGARCHMETH1 parameter is still associated with the uninstalled SnapProtect software.


Type the following command to clear the LOGARCHMETH1 parameter. This clears the association with the SnapProtect software.

update database configuration for <database_name> using LOGARCHMETH1 "OFF"