Add NDMP Drive

Use this dialog box to add information about NDMP drives attached to a NAS filer.

Enter Library Data
  • Library

    The name of the library containing the drive(s) that are attached to the NAS filer.

  • Drive Number

    The physical location of the drive within the library.

Enter Drive Pool Data

  • Drive Pools

    If you are adding the first drive for the library, leave the field blank. If a drive pool has already been created for this filer, select the name of the drive pool from the list.

  • MediaAgent

    The name of the MediaAgent that controls the library's media changer.

NDMP Server Host Name

Select the name of the NAS filer. Keep in mind that you must add at least one host using the Update NDMP Host List button before selecting a host from this field.

Update NDMP Server List

Opens the NDMP Server List dialog box which allows you to add or edit existing hosts to the NDMP server hostname list.

Enter Drive Data
  • NDMP Server Drive Path

    The access path through which the filer communicates with the drive.

    Click this button to automatically populate the Drive Serial Number and Drive Vendor/Model information.

  • Drive Serial Number

    The serial number of the drive.

  • Drive Vendor/Model

    The vendor/model of the drive.

  • Drive Description

    This is an optional field into which you can enter a text description of the drive (e.g., NetApp filer ADIC drive 1).