Volume Configuration (Job Options)

Use this dialog box to configure the backup options.

Do not use a snapshot for backups

This is the default selection. Selection here will be ignored if, in Subclient Properties (Content), QSnap is selected, in which case a snapshot will be used for backups.

Use the latest snapshot for backups

Only used for software snapshot engines that support multiple snapshots of the same source volume. This feature is not supported by QSnap.

Use a static snapshot for backups

Will enable the text fields below it when it is selected. Used for EMC Symmetrix/Timefinder to identify the BCV you want to back up.

  • ID Type

    The type of physical address used to uniquely identify this volume.

  • ID

    The value of the physical identifier (e.g. WWN)

  • LUN

    Some physical disk devices are divided into sub devices called logical units.  Each logical unit is treated as an independent disk device, although several logical units may share the same ID Type/ID pair. Together, the ID Type/ID/LUN represent the unique identity of the physical volume.