Submit 1-Touch Recovery Request (Select Recovery Options)

Use this dialog box to specify the 1-Touch Recovery options. Note that all the options described in this help may not be available and only the options displayed in the dialog box are applicable to the agent for which the information is being displayed.

Recover All Volume Groups

Specifies that all the volumes will be restored (default). If this option is not selected, only the rootvg volume will be restored.

  • Preserve Existing Volume Groups

    Specifies that existing volumes will not be changed during the restore. If this option is not selected, existing volume groups will be removed, and new volumes will be created based on information collected during the selected backup job.

Automatic Client Reboot

Specifies that the appropriate boot server will automatically reboot the client when the client is ready. You can deselect this option to reboot the client manually. However, the client can be rebooted only when the recovery has completed.

Restore data from the latest backup

Specifies that the data from the latest backup will be restored. This will occur even if the recovery job will not be recreating the latest volume groups on the client.

Restore data from the backup that occurred before this date

Specifies that the data that was backed up before a specified date and time will be restored. The selected time period cannot be earlier than the end time for the backup job that was selected in the Select a Job dialog box.

  • Time Zone

    Use this list to display only those backup jobs that have occurred within a specified time zone.

Do not restore data other than on Root Volume Group

Specifies that only the basic operating system on the root volume group will be restored.


Click to administer additional 1-Touch recovery options.


Click to go back to the Select a Job dialog box.


Once you select your options, click this button to go to the Summary screen. Alternatively, click Summary.