Inventory Options (General)

Use this dialog box to select the type of inventory that needs to performed in a blind library.

Full Inventory

Select this option to perform a full inventory of the library.

A full inventory process identifies existing media and also discovers new media by writing an on media label (OML) on the media. In addition, the full inventory process also keeps track of the slot number in which the media is located. Note that this operation may take several minutes.

Quick Inventory

Select this option to perform a quick inventory. Use this option if you have added or moved media to empty slots after a full inventory.

A quick inventory is an incremental inventory that reads and if necessary writes the OML on media which were added since the previous inventory.

Do Full Scan

When selected, the MediaAgent software identifies all the slots currently occupied by media inside the library, before performing the inventory.

When cleared, the MediaAgent software performs an inventory on only the slots that had a media in the previous inventory.