E-Mail and Web Server Configuration (E-Mail Server)

Use this dialog box to define a SMTP mail server and sender's address. You can define either an internal mail server (Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, etc.) or an internet based mail server (Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, etc.). 

Server Information

The mail server configuration information required to send messages through the CommCell Console.

  • Mail Server

    Enter the name of the mail server used to send alerts, scheduled reports, log files, and any additional information. Type the name of the mail server (e.g., smtp.companymailserver.com).

  • Mail Server Port

    Lists the port number used to connect to the mail server. The default is set to 25. If necessary, use the space to modify the port number.

  • Mail Server Size Limit (MB)

    Specify the e-mail size limit for the configured mail server. The default is set to 0.0 MB, which signifies that there is no mail server size limit set.

    Note that log file bundles exceeding the designated maximum size will be sent using multiple emails. For example, if the maximum size is set to 1 MB and the log files size is 8 MB, the log files will be divided and sent using eight separate emails.

Sender Information

The email information used when sending messages from the CommCell Console.

  • Sender Name

    Specify the name of the sender displayed in the mail generated from the software, typically in the From field.

  • Senders Address

    Specify the sender's e-mail address displayed in the mail generated from the software. Use the space to add the senders e-mail address.

Use Authentication

Allows you to specify authentication options for the specified mail server, typically used in external/internet mail server configurations.

  • User Name

    Type a valid user name recognized by the mail server.

  • Password/Confirm Password

    Type the password associated with the entered user name, and confirm by entering a second time.

Enable SSL

Select if the mail server uses Secure Socket Layers for security authentication. 

Test Mail

Click to send a test email to the email address associated with your CommCell Console user profile.