Master Drive Pool Properties (General)

Use this dialog box to view or modify the master drive pool properties.

Master Drive Pool Name

The name of the master drive pool. If you wish to rename the master drive pool, type the new name in this field.


The name of the library to which the master drive pool is attached.

No. Of Drives

The number of drives available in the master drive pool.

No. Of Offline Drives

The number of drives in the master drive pool that are currently offline.

No. Of Reserved Drives

The number of drives that are currently used in the Master Drive Pool.

Enable Master Drive Pool

Select this option to activate the master drive pool. Clear this option to deactivate the master drive pool.


Use this space to record pertinent information about the master drive pool.

Drive Allocation policy

Use the options in this group to distribute the drives among multiple drive pools sharing the library.

  • Use All Drives

    Click to assign all the drives in the master drive pool to the drive pools.

  • Allocate No. of Drives

    Click to assign the maximum number of drives that can be used by each drive pool in this master drive pool at any given time, and then provide a number.

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