Drive Properties (General)

Use this dialog box to view or modify the properties of a drive.


The name of the drive. If you wish to rename the drive, type the new name in this field.


  • Type

    The drive type. (e.g., DLT4000, DLT7000, etc.)

  • Manufacturer

    The name of the manufacturer of the drive.


    The drive's complete SCSI ID, which includes P - port B - bus, T - target, and L - Logical Unit Number (LUN).

    For NDMP drives, the NDMP drive access path is displayed.

  • Firmware Version

    The software version used by the library to which the drive is attached.

  • Serial Number

    The serial number of the drive.

  • MediaAgent

    The name of the MediaAgent that controls the library to which this drive is attached. If the library is shared with other MediaAgents, then the name of the MediaAgent which controls the library's media changer is displayed.

  • Library

    The name of the library to which the drive is attached.


Use this space to record relevant information about the drive.