Drive Properties (Job Information)

Use this dialog box to view details and status information associated with the operation in the drive.

Media Barcode

Displays the barcode associated with the media used by the operation.

Job ID

Displays the job ID associated with the operation.

Mount status

Displays the phase of the mount operation associated with the media., such as Media being mounted, Media mounted, Media unmounted, Volume unusable, etc.

Operation Phase

Displays the exact phase of the operation in the drive. The different phases are: Media is being mounted to the drive, Loading media, Writing OML, Reading OML, Verifying OML, Unloading media, Media is being unmounted from the drive, Importing media, Unmounting media, Erasing media and Validating drive.


Displays the name of the MediaAgent associated with the operation.

Storage Policy

Displays the name of the Storage Policy associated with the operation.