Advanced Discovery Options (Job Retry)

Use this dialog to configure advanced discovery options.

Enable Total Running Time

The maximum elapsed time, in hours and minutes, from the time that the job is created. When the specified maximum elapsed time is reached, as long as the job is in the "Running" state, it will continue; if the job is not in the "Running" state when the specified time is reached, Job Manager will kill the job.

Enable Number of Retries

The number of times that Job Manager will attempt to restart the job. Once the maximum number of retry attempts has been reached, if the job has still not restarted successfully, Job Manager will kill the job. Note that this job-based setting will not be valid if restartability has been turned off in the Job Management Control Panel.

Kill Running Jobs When Total Running Time Expires

Option to kill the job when the specified Total Running Time has elapsed, even if its state is "Running". This option is available only if you have specified a Total Running Time.