Disaster Recovery Backup Options (Media)

Use this dialog box to specify the media for the Disaster Recovery Backup operation.

Start New Media

This option starts the backup/migration/archive operation on a new media, which causes the following to occur:

  • If removable media is used, the current active media is marked as Appendable and a new media is used for the backup/migration/archive.
  • If disk media is used, a new volume folder is created for the backup/migration/archive.

If cleared, the operation automatically uses the current active media or volume.

When using the Informix iDataAgent, if you are using tape and do all of the following, the tape will be marked full for both the data storage policy and the logical logs storage policy, and new media will be made available for both the logs and data even though you are backing up just the logical logs:

  • Define a subclient with different storage policies for the logical logs and the data
  • Prepare to back up just the logical logs
  • Select the Start new media option before you start the backup

Mark media full after successful operation

If selected, the media used for the disaster recovery backup operation is marked full after the operation is successfully completed.

Wait for Inline Backup Resources

If you are performing a data protection/archive operation on a subclient with a storage policy that has the Inline Copy option enabled, then this option specifies that the operation should wait until resources are available for both the data protection/archive operation and the Inline Copy. (This option is available only if an Inline Copy is created on the storage policy that is being used for this data protection operation).

If cleared, the data protection operation will create the Primary copy even if there are not enough resources to create the Inline Copy.

Override Job Retention

  • Infinite: Select this option to retain this job indefinitely.
  • Number of Days: Select this option to prune this job after the number of days specified.
  • Storage Policy Default: Select this option to apply the retention rules of the associated storage policy, which is the default option.