File Archiver Instance Properties (General)

Use the File Archiver Instance Properties (General) tab to enter, view or change general information on the selected DataArchiver instance. Note that all the options described in this help may not be available and only the options displayed in the dialog box are applicable to the agent for which the information is being displayed.

Client Name

Displays the name of the client computer on which this instance is found.

Billing Department

Displays the name of the billing department defined in the software.


Displays the name of the application that is installed on the client computer.

Instance Name

Displays the name of the instance or instance-like object.


Displays the type of instance corresponding to a particular archiving and recovery configuration supported by the File Archiver for Windows Agent:

  • Local File System
  • Celerra
  • Network File Share
  • Fpolicy

Filer Name

Displays the network host name of the file server configured for FPOLICY or NAS_DM instance types.

Filer User Name / Proxy User Name

Displays the domain administrator level user ID for the domain in which the file server resides.

Configure Password

Click to access the dialog box to enter or change the User Name and/or Password required for accessing data on a NAS file server for archiving and recovery by the File Archiver for Windows Agent.

Secondary FPolicy Server

Select this option when configuring the client computer as the Secondary FPolicy Server on the specified FPolicy filer. In case the Primary FPolicy Server is rendered unavailable the Secondary FPolicy Server can be used as the recalling agent.

No subclients can be created for the Secondary FPolicy Server under this FPolicy instance and therefore it cannot be used to run archive jobs on the filer.

Proxy File Expiration

Use this space to specify the number of minutes that a proxy file will remain fully recalled on the agent, before the file is re-stubbed or deleted.

Proxy Prune Interval

Use this space to specify the frequency in which checks are performed on the proxy folder to determine whether there are files that have expired.