Detect Library

Use this dialog box to specify the type of device that you wish to detect.

Device Type

  • SCSI Devices

    Specifies that the SCSI devices must be detected. Select this option to detect devices which are not NDMP devices or IP libraries.

    Detect on Selected MediaAgents in Parallel

    Specifies that the detection operation will be performed simultaneously when multiple MediaAgents are selected. Select this option when multiple MediaAgents are selected.

    Automatically create DDS Drivepools

    Applicable only in the SAN environment. Select this option if you are configuring the library with Dynamic Drive Sharing (DDS).

    When selected, drive pools are automatically added and will be readily available for configuration.

    When cleared, the drive pools and drives have to be manually created after detection.

  • NDMP Devices

    Select this option to add NDMP devices.


    Choose the MediaAgent which access the NDMP device.

Exhaustive Detection (Only for Libraries without Drive ID Support)

Choose this option to perform an exhaustive detection on your library and/or drives. During exhaustive detection, the system mounts a tape in the selected drives and determines the correct library to drive mapping. We strongly recommended that you choose this option in the following situations:
  • When you configure a library and/or drives the first time
  • When a configured library encounters problems while mounting media
  • When you swap or replace drives

When cleared, the system does not perform exhaustive detection. Clear this option, only if you know that the existing library to drive mapping is accurate. e.g., if you have previously performed an exhaustive detection.