Disk Library Properties

Use this dialog box to view or modify the properties of a disk library.


The name of the MediaAgent that controls the library. Not Applicable for a shared disk library.

Library Name

A unique name generated by the system for the library, when the library was added.


A descriptive name provided by the user for the library. This alias is displayed in the CommCell Browser for the library.

Unique ID

A unique identifier assigned by the system within the CommCell for the library.

Low Watermark (MB)

The minimum amount of free space at which the low watermark warning should be generated. If the amount of free space, for all the combined mount paths, reaches or falls below the low watermark, the system adds an entry in the Event Viewer and sends an Alert, if configured.

Automatically create storage policy for new Datapaths

Indicates whether the system must automatically create a new storage policy when a mount path is added subsequently. Applicable only for shared libraries.