Export Media List

Use this dialog box to choose and export specific media from the library.

Select Media to be Exported

A list of the media cartridges that are physically located in the library. The following information is displayed for each media:

  • Status

    The current status of the media. (See Identifying Media Icons for more information.)

  • Barcode

    The barcode label for the media.

  • Storage Policy/Copy

    The storage policy and the storage policy copy that was used to write to the media.

  • Location

    The location of the media.

    If the media is inside the library, this field displays the storage slot or the Drive Name in which the media resides.

    If the media is outside the library and you entered a location when you exported it (e.g., Shelf 4 in Storage Room), that location is displayed here. Note that the MediaAgent has no control over media once they leave the library; it is your responsibility to ensure that exported media are stored in the location entered.

Verify Media

This option is applicable only for blind libraries.

When selected, before exporting the media, the system reads the On Media Label (OML) in the media, to verify that the Unique ID matches the Unique ID of the media selected for export. The media will be exported only if the verification is successful. Note that the verify operation will be displayed as an inventory job in the Job Details dialog box.

When cleared, the system exports the media without verifying the OML.

New Export Location

Allows you to specify where the media will be stored after the export operation. This information is retained by the system and displayed in the General tab of the Media Properties dialog box.


Click to access additional options for exporting media using Vault Tracker.


Click to schedule the export operation.