Library Properties (General)

Use this dialog box to view or modify the properties of a library.

Library Name

The alias provided by the user, for the library. The alias can be changed at any time without affecting the ability to restore data that may have already been backed up using the library.

Hardware Info

  • Manufacturer

    The library manufacturer. (Displayed as StandAln for stand-alone drives.)

  • Model

    The library model. (For stand-alone drives, displayed as Library when the drives are drive pooled and configured as a logical library, or Drive when a single stand-alone drives id configured.)

  • Firmware Version

    The software version used by the library. (Displayed as Not Applicable for stand-alone drives.)

  • Barcode Reader

    Indicates whether the library has a barcode reader or not.

  • Serial Number

    The serial number of the library.

Product Info

  • MediaAgent

    This option is applicable only for stand-alone drives.

    The name of the MediaAgent in which the library is configured.

  • Library Manager

    The name of the library manager used by the MediaAgent to control the library. Not applicable for stand-alone drives.

  • Installed On

    The date and time at which the library was configured.

  • Default Scratch Pool

    Specifies the name of the scratch pool used by the library. Click on the appropriated scratch pool from the list to change the scratch pool.

    A scratch pool is a repository of media that are available for use. When the library is configured, the Default Scratch Pool is automatically created. If you create additional scratch pools, you can choose the scratch pool that should serve as the default for the library.

Timeouts (in Minutes)

The timeout parameter determines how long a job waits for a status response after an operation is requested. If the job does not receive a success or failure status within the timeout period, the job is terminated and a failure message is displayed. You can set the following timeout periods:

  • Mount

    The number of minutes within which media must be moved to a drive and prepared for read/write operations.

  • Unmount

    The number of minutes within which media must be returned from a drive to a storage slot.


Use this field to enter a description about the entity. This description can include information about the entity's content, cautionary notes, etc.

If the library is a stand-alone drive, the Timeouts (in Minutes) options are not applicable.