Recall Media (Destination)

Use this dialog box to recall media that has been exported.

Set Location

Use this section to provide location details.

  • Track Transit

    Select this option, as well as a transit location from the pull-down menu provided, if you wish to track transit information.

  • Destination

    Use this section to provide the location to where the recalled media will be received. You can select a Location, Library, or Media Repository.

  • Move media to Overwrite Protected Pool

    Select this option if you wish to secure the recalled media in an existing Overwrite Protected Media Pool, which can be selected from the pull-down menu provided.

  • Acknowledge the action as Reached Destination automatically

    Select this option if you wish to acknowledge the recalled media's action as Reached Destination automatically.

    Note that this option is not available if you selected an Infinite expiration date in the General tab.