Media Properties (Media Info)

Use this dialog box to view information about a media.


The recording format on the media. (e.g., DLT4000, DLT7000)


The hardware type of the media (e.g., DLTtape IV).

Discovered On

The time at which the media was discovered.

Last Exported Time

The most recent time at which the media was exported.

Required by Auxiliary Copy

Indicates whether the media has been copied to a secondary copy or not. (Auxiliary copy operation is performed to make copies of a media.)


Indicates whether the media is exportable. A media is considered as exportable when it is not required for an Auxiliary Copy operation or is prevented from being exported by the user.


Indicates whether the media is Appendable or not.

Media in a library can be appended, if the option to use Appendable media is enabled in the Media tab of Library Properties.


Identifies the current state of the media. When the condition is not displayed as Good, the appropriate reason is also displayed.

Prevent Export Time

Indicates the time until which the media is prevented from being exported, if the media is prevented from export. Indicates Infinite, it is prevented from export infinitely.