Advanced Restore Options (General)

Use this dialog box to restore Storage Areas (file stores). Select from the following options:

Automatically Detect Regular Expressions

Specifies whether to use regular expressions in defining the Source Paths. This does not apply to Filter Paths.  When selected, the system will recognize supported regular expressions (wildcards) in the specified Source Path.  When cleared, the system will read the specified Source Path as literal.

Impersonate User

Select this check box to enable the User Name and Password boxes. If the Impersonate User account defined here is not available, restore jobs using pre/post commands will fail. This  account operates independently of the Impersonate User account for backup jobs.

  • User Name

    Enter the Window's user account name which will have permission to execute the desired commands.

  • Password

    Enter the corresponding password for this account.

  • Confirm Password

    Enter the password again for this account.