Advanced Restore Options (Encryption)

  • The Pass-Phrase feature is deprecated. For similar functionality, use Privacy.
  • Clients with existing Pass-Phrase configurations are supported.

Use this tab to provide pass-phrase during data recovery operations.


Enter the pass-phrase that is currently assigned to the client, whose data you are restoring. Note that if you have changed the pass-phrase since you secured the client data, you need to provide the new pass-phrase here, not the old one.

Re-enter Pass-Phrase

Re-enter the pass-phrase for confirmation.

If you attempt an immediate restore of encrypted data that was pass-phrase protected without entering the pass-phrase here, the restore operation will fail.

If you have an exported pass-phrase set up, and you enter the pass-phrase under Decryption, you over-ride (not overwrite) the client properties pass-phrase. Thus, if you enter the pass-phrase incorrectly, the restore does not complete successfully.