Restore Log for Exchange Database

Use this dialog box to enter the date/time of the incremental backup to which you want all store(s) within the selected Storage Group to be rolled forward. Prior to using this feature, an existing recovered QR Volume is required.

To Time

Specifies the time to which the databases within the selected Storage Group will be rolled forward.

Time Zone

Lists the time zones. To change the time zone, select one from the list.

Mount database after restore

Specifies whether the restore operation should remount the database or store(s) when the restore operation is completed. If the option is cleared, the database or store(s) must be remounted manually after the restore operation.

When restoring Exchange Database data from a VSS backup, the restore options to Mount database after restore and No Loss Restore do not apply.


Click to enter the pass-phrase that is currently assigned to the client for restore operations that are run immediately.

Change Priority

Click to change the priority for the restore operation.