Advanced Restore Options (Options)

Use this dialog box to select additional restore options.

Time Zone

To view the information in the time zone that you require, click a time zone in the list.

From the Latest Backup

Specifies that data files will be restored from the latest full backup.

Data is restored from only the latest full backup.

To Point In Time

Specifies that the system will restore dbspaces from the full backup created at or before the point-in-time based on the date and time that you specify. To change the date, click one in the list.  Also, use the space to enter the appropriate time. Ensure that the date/time that you enter is equal to or later than the date and time that the backup completed.

Up to Logical Log

Specifies that all of the data for committed transactions up to and including the logical log that you specify will be restored. Use the space to enter the appropriate logical log number.