Advanced Restore Options (Options)

Use this dialog box to make modifications in the names and locations of databases for restore.


Displays the name of the database. You can edit the name by clicking within the box. Changes cause the data to be restored to a new database on the selected server.

For a detailed description on how to change the name of a SQL database, see the procedure titled "Restore a Database with a Different Name" in Books Online.

Device Name

Displays the device name of the database. 

File Name

Displays the name of the database file to be restored.

Physical Path

Displays the complete path to the selected database file. You can edit the path by clicking within the box.  Changes cause the database files to be restored to a new location. If the specified path does not exist, it  will be created during the restore process.

For SQL, if the database file path is changed without changing the name of the database, then the existing database will be overwritten and will point to the new location.  For a detailed description, see the procedure titled "Restore with a Different Data File Path" in Books Online.

Size (MB)

Displays the size of the database file in megabytes.

Find & Replace

For SQL, click to change multiple Database Name or Database File Path.