PostgreSQL Table Level Restore Options (General)

Use this dialog box to choose the table restore options:

User Selected Objects for Restore

Displays all  the selected tables from the list of database tables of each user in a tree view of a subclient.

Destination Server

Displays the name of the server to which the selected data will be restored. To change the destination, click one from the list.

Staging Path

Specifies the path used as the staging area to store data files for the auxiliary instance and the complete export tables before importing.


Click to browse and select a staging path.

Do not import to the server

When selected, the dump database will not be imported by default to the server. It will export the tables and leave them in the staging area. You can import the tables to the destination database later or at any time

Define auxiliary database name for Table Restores:

When selected, this option allows you to import selected tables to a different database other than the specified database.

  • Source Database

Displays the name of the source database, depending on the database selected for restore.

  • Target Database

Displays the path to the database that is used to restore the selected tables from the source database. Click and specify the path to change the target database.


Click to select additional restore options.

Save As Script

Click to open the Save As Script dialog, which allows you to save this operation and the selected options as a script file (in XML format). The script can later be executed from the Command Line Interface using qoperation execute command.

When you save an operation as a script, each option in the dialog will have a corresponding XML parameter in the script file. When executing the script, you can modify the value for any of these XML parameters as per need.

For more information on backups performed from the command line, see Command Line Interface for PostgreSQL iDataAgent.