Restore Options for All Selected Items (Restoring to Disk)

Use this dialog box to view and select the restore options while performing a restore to a disk location.

Restore Destination

Specifies that the restore operation will restore the backups to a different disk location on a client computer.

Destination Client

Displays the name of the client computer to which the selected backup (s) will be restored. To change the destination computer, select one from the list. The list includes clients which are established as clients within the CommCell.

Specify destination path

Type or click Browse to specify the destination disk location path where you want to save the selected backup (s).

Impersonate User

Use this option to use a different account with the required privileges.

User Name

Use this space to type the user name. The User should have necessary privileges to restore the application data.


Use this space to type the password for the user account.

Confirm Password

Use this space to re-type the password.