Scheduled Jobs

Use this dialog box to review the scheduled jobs and the schedule policies configured for the copy operation selected.

Filter schedules by job type

Lists the types of operations that are available in this dialog box. To filter this dialog box by an available job type, click a value in the list.

Schedule Policy

Displays the name of the Schedule Policy.


Displays the name of the schedule. (Only applicable for report, auxiliary copy and export media schedules).


Identifies the task, such as data protection operation, data recovery operation, or administrative job that is associated with a scheduled job or a scheduled job assigned to a schedule policy.


Displays if the schedule is enabled or disabled.

Client Group

Displays the client computer group.


Identifies the client computer.

Agent Type

Identifies the agent.


Identifies the instance/partition in the client computer that represents the operation that is scheduled.

Backup Set/Database

Identifies the backup set or database.


Identifies the subclient.


Identifies the scheduling pattern, such as single or daily, and the schedule time.

Time Zone

Identifies the time zone of the schedule.

Next Schedule Time

Displays the date and time from which the scheduled task will next initiate.


The name of the alert that was created for the schedule.


If the schedule was user created, the name of the CommCell user that created the schedule. If the system created the schedule, the system is indicated.


Displays the user-entered description (if any) from the Job Summary dialog pertaining to the selected scheduled job.


Click to add a schedule from the Schedule Tasks dialog box. Once created, the schedule is displayed in this dialog box.


Click to edit a selected schedule. (Not available for schedules associated with a schedule policy).


Click to delete a selected schedule. (Not available for schedules associated with a schedule policy).


Click to enable a schedule that has been disabled.


Click to disable a schedule. (Not available for schedules associated with a schedule policy). Once disabled, no jobs that were part of this schedule will run until this schedule is enabled. Once Disable is clicked, you can click Enable to enable the schedule.


Allows you to view the Schedule Policy (Schedule Details) and the Schedule Policy (Job Summary) screens of the schedule you selected. (Not available for those schedules that are not associated with a schedule policy.)


Click to Decouple the subclient from the selected schedule policy. (You cannot decouple subclients from schedule policies that are configured with the iDataAgent set at All Agent Types.)

Run Immediately

Click to run a selected scheduled job immediately. Note that the schedule will still remain in the Scheduled Jobs dialog box.

Add/Modify Alert

Click to open the Alert Wizard to configure or modify an alert for this operation.

Delete Alert

Click to delete an alert from the schedule.