Schedule Details (Job Summary)

Use this dialog box to view information about auxiliary copy scheduled jobs:

Friendly Name for this Schedule

Use this option to enter a name that can be used to identify this scheduled auxiliary copy operation.

Job Type

Auxiliary Copy.

Storage Policy

The storage policy associated with the auxiliary copy job.


Displays the Start New Media and Mark Media Full after successful operation options if selected for the auxiliary copy job.

Copy Name

The destination copy name of the auxiliary copy job, or All Copies, if that option was selected.

Number of Streams

The number of data streams that will be copied at the same time during the auxiliary copy job. If the maximum number of streams was selected for the job, then Max Allowed is displayed.

Start Job in Suspended State

Displays the Start Job in Suspended State option if selected for the auxiliary copy job.

Job Priority

Displays the job priority number of this auxiliary copy operation if the job priority of this operation was changed using the Change Priority dialog box.

Vault Tracking

Provides access to the Select Vault Tracking Options dialog box, which allows you to establish the necessary options to export and track the media used by the specific Auxiliary Copy job, using Vault Tracker.

Vault Tracking Options will be displayed only when a Vault Tracker Enterprise license is available in the CommServe.