Add/Modify Subclient Content - Database Configuration

Use this dialog box to discover and change the associations of database elements/Storage Groups to the available subclients. The last five fields are exclusive to versions of SharePoint that interact with SQL Server databases.

Database Name/Storage Group Name

Displays the display name of the database element/Storage Group.

Subclient (Name)

Lists the name of the subclient currently associated with the database element/Storage Group. To change the subclient association, click on the subclient then select a different one from the list.

Change all selected databases/storage groups/data types to:

When a range of database elements/Storage Groups is selected, you may select a subclient from the list to assign all of the selected database elements/Storage Groups to the selected subclient. If a single database element/Storage Group is selected, this field is disabled.


Click to discover any new database elements/Storage Groups, or if the display dialog box is blank and does not display any items, or to manually discover new items.

Data Type

Displays the type of object that has been discovered.

Virtual Server

Displays the name of the IIS virtual server that the object uses.

Portal Site/Index Server

For an object, displays the name of the Portal Site that the object is part of.  For Site indexes, displays the Index Server name.


For site databases, displays the type of database.  For any other items, displays an index value.

Database Server

Displays the name of the SQL instance used to store the databases.