Subclient Properties (Content)

Use this tab to define the contents of a new subclient or to change the content of an existing subclient. Volume(s) or data paths included in subclient content are backed up by the subclient. Note that all the options described in this help may not be available and only the options displayed in the dialog box are applicable to the agent or enabler for which the information is being displayed.

Contents of subclient

Displays a list of volume(s) or primary host data paths and corresponding backup host data paths included as content for this subclient.

  • Add

    Click to add content to this subclient.

  • Edit

    Click to edit the selected subclient entry.

  • Delete

    Click to delete the selected entry from the Contents of subclient list.

  • Volume Explorer

    Click to configure the disk volumes of a host computer that is eligible to be backed up by the subclient.

  • Browse

    Click to browse for new content that you want to add to this subclient.

  • Add Paths

    Click to enter a new content path for this subclient.

Backup Host

Use this space to enter or change the name of the backup host that is attached to the BCV that you want to back up.