Subclient Properties of  <subclient name>(Content)

Use this tab to define the contents of a new subclient or to change the content of an existing subclient. Databases/storage groups/database files/subsets that are included in subclient content are backed up by the subclient.

Backup Data

Specifies whether data will be backed up for this subclient, and enables/disables options for backing up the entire database or a subset. When cleared, you must select the Backup Log Files option on the Backup Arguments tab.


Click to refresh the contents of the database.

Entire Database

Specifies whether the entire database will be included in the subclient content.

Database Subset

Specifies whether to include a portion of the database (i.e., one or more table spaces) in the subclient content. Use the tree displayed below this field to select the appropriate item (s) to be included in the subset.