Storage Policy

Use this tab to select or view storage policy settings on the selected subclient.

Data/Database/Transaction Log Storage Policy

Displays the storage policy to which this subclient is currently associated. To associate a storage policy to a new subclient or to change the storage policy associated with an existing subclient, click one in the list.

Incremental Storage Policy

Displays the name of the Incremental Storage Policy associated with this subclient, if the storage policy has the Incremental Storage Policy option enabled.

Data Paths

Click to view or modify the  data paths associated with the primary storage policy copy of the selected storage policy.

Number of Data/Database/Transaction Log Backup Streams

Displays the number of streams used for backup operations. To change the number of streams, click one in the list. For DB2 DPF, be sure to set the appropriate number of streams for each database partition by double-clicking the appropriate Stream space and typing the desired number.


Displays the names of the instances according to current backup priority along with other associated information that are included in the Oracle RAC node. To change the backup priority of the instances, click the instance name as appropriate and use the directional arrows provided.

Maximum Backup Streams

For Informix, displays the maximum number of streams used for database backup operations, which is determined from the ONCONFIG file. The number of streams for backups cannot be set currently from the CommCell Console. Instead, you must set the BAR_MAX_BACKUP parameter in the $ONCONFIG file on the Informix client. Also, the number of streams specified by the storage policy must be greater than or equal to the number specified by the BAR_MAX_BACKUP parameter.

Data Threshold Streams

For Oracle RAC, specifies whether to run the backup job immediately when the total number of reserved streams is greater than or equal to the value in this field. If you click this option, use the space provided to change this value if desired.

Create Storage Policy

Click to launch the Create a Storage Policy wizard. Once the storage policy has been created, it will be displayed in the list of storage policies to which the selected subclient can be associated.

Buffer Size

Use this space to specify the size (in 4 KB pages) of each buffer to be used for building the backup image. The minimum value is 8, and the default value is 1024. If you select value 0, the value of the backbufz database manager configuration parameter will be used as the buffer allocation size.