User Account (Pre/Post)

For agents using Windows operating systems, use this dialog box to define a user or account that has permissions to execute the Pre and Post commands for migration, data protection or QR volume creation jobs. This account operates independently of the Impersonate User account for restore and recovery jobs.

Use Local System Account

Specify either the Local System Account or, for added security, another account as having permission to run these commands for backup jobs. Normally, the Local System Account has permissions to access all the data on the local computer.

SharePoint Server iDataAgent:

Even if the Local System Account is selected as the account to run the Pre/Post processes, the account that actually will be used is the SharePoint Administrator Account for the site in which the SharePoint Server resides. This account was configured during installation and can be changed in Agent Properties.

Impersonate User

Select to enable the User Name and Password boxes. If the Impersonate User account defined here is not available, backup jobs using pre/post commands will fail.

User Name

Use this space to type the name of the Windows user account that will have permission to execute the desired commands.


Use this space to type the corresponding password for this account.