User Properties (General)

Use this dialog box to create user accounts or change user account properties.

User accounts are created for users who need to access the system. Each user requires their own account. When you create a user account, you can immediately assign the account to the available user groups or you can leave the account unassigned.

User Name

The name that you want the user to type when they log on to the system. (Up to 32 characters; do not include trailing spaces).


The password that you initially assign to the user. (up to 32 characters; do not include trailing spaces). Each user can change their own password.

Confirm Password

A confirmation of the Password.

Change Password

Select this checkbox to change and confirm the user password. This field is not available for a new user.

Full Name

The real name of the person to whom the account is assigned. (Up to 32 characters; do not include trailing spaces).


Some descriptive information about the user; perhaps a job title, department or organization name.


The user's e-mail or pager address.


If selected, the user account is enabled, and the user can log on to the CommCell Console and utilize all assigned rights.

If cleared, the user account is disabled, and that user cannot log on to the CommCell Console, and also prevents that user from utilizing all assigned rights.

Age Password

If selected, allows you to set the number of days for which the password is to remain valid. At the end of this period, the user is prompted to enter a new password for their account. A password age of one day means that the password expires at midnight of the present day.

If cleared, the user password never expires.