Use this dialog box to view the software version and verify the update status. Note that all the options described in this help may not be available and only the options displayed in the dialog box are applicable to the agent for which the information is being displayed.

Software Install Directory

Displays the directory path in which the software is currently installed on the client or MediaAgent computer.

Crypto Library Version

Displays the current version of the Crypto Library module.

Version Information

Displays the software component version (CommServe, MediaAgent, Client or Agent) installed on the computer. It also displays information on the post-release Service Packs and/or additional updates installed on the selected client computer.

Update Status

Displays the update status for each client computer. The possible values and their descriptions are:

  • Unknown

    The software is not able to determine if the client computer meets the baseline level of updates due to an error or an uninstalled client still showing in the CommCell console.

  • Has Diagnostic

    One or more diagnostic updates have been installed on the client computer.

  • Up To Date

    The updates in the client computer match the baseline.

  • Needs Update

    The client computer must be updated to meet the baseline level of updates.

  • Ahead of Cache

    The client computer exceeds the baseline level of updates in the CommServe Cache directory.

  • Hotfix

    One or more hotfixes have been installed on the client computer.

    A hotfix is an update targeted at resolving a specific critical issue that may incur major disruptions to operations, or potential loss of data.


Displays the name of the packages installed on the client.


Displays the update status for each package. The possible values are: Unknown, Has Diagnostic, Up To Date, Needs Update, and Ahead of Cache. (Refer to previous section for a description of these values.)


Displays the name of the updates.

Update Information

Specifies the options for installing the updates.

This information is displayed only in the case of remote clients and/or remote MediaAgents. (A client/MediaAgent that is not installed on the CommServe computer)

  • Cache Source

    This information is only displayed for client computers.

    • CommServe

      If selected, the selected client receives its updates from the CommServe computer.

    • Software Cache

      If selected, the selected client receives its updates from the specified Client designated as  Software Cache computer.

  • Store Updates Locally

    When selected, indicates that the update packages must be saved on the local computer, before they are installed. Use the space to type the location on the local computer in which the updates must be stored, or click the Browse button to select the location on the local computer.

    If this option is selected, make sure that there is adequate space for installing the necessary updates. Also note that the system automatically deletes the update packages once they are installed.
    (You cannot specify a different folder to serve as the temporary cache location for NetWare clients; this field is disabled.)