Alerts and Notifications - FAQ

Can disabled users and/or user groups receive alerts?

No. Disabled users and/or user groups cannot create or receive scheduled reports or alerts.

What is the threshold and notification criteria?

The threshold and notification criteria determines when and at which frequency an alert is generated.

An alert is sent when the conditions within the entity have met the selected criteria for the alert. For example, if the criteria of Job Skipped is selected for a Data Protection alert, then an alert will be sent if a data protection operation is skipped


  • Repeat if the condition persists for certain length of time. (Available for the Device Status and Library Management alerts.)
  • When the condition clears. (Available for the Device Status and Library Management alerts only.)
  • After a specified number of attempts during a phase or network failure. (Available for the Auxiliary Copy and Data Protection alerts.)

I do not see the predefined alerts after I upgraded the CommServe. How do I enable them?

Predefined alerts are available as part of new CommServe installations. These alerts are not available for CommServes upgraded from older software versions.

Can I configure users not from the master group to receive notifications from the predefined alerts?

Yes. By default, predefined alerts send notifications to users from the master group. You can edit a predefined alert and associate more users or user groups as follows:

  1. From the Alerts window, click the predefined alert and then click Edit.
  2. From the Modify Alert Wizard window, click the User(s) and User Group(s) step in the left pane.
  3. Select the users or user groups that you want to add from the Available pane, and then click Add > to move it to the Selected pane.
  4. Click Finish.

Can I set up alerts for Oracle rman restore jobs?

No. Instance-level alerts for Oracle RMAN_UTIL restore jobs are not supported.

Do I need to restart CommCell services after configuring the SMTP mail server for email alerts?

Yes, restart the Server Event Manager (EvMgrS) service in the CommServe computer if during the SMTP mail server configuration you:

  • changed the default SMTP port number (default port is 25)
  • enabled or disabled the use of SSL

For information on viewing and controlling services, see Services.