Alerts and Notifications - Exporting or Importing an Alert Rule

Before You Begin

To see the Alert Rule button, users must have Administrative Management capabilities at the CommCell level. For information on assigning capabilities to a user, see Assigning Capabilities to a User Group.


  1. From the CommCell Console ribbon, click the Home tab, and then click Alert.
  2. In the Alerts dialog box, click Alert Rule.
  3. Export an alert rule as an XML file:
    1. In the Alert Rules dialog box, select the rule.
    2. Click Export.
    3. Optional: Click Browse to change the location where the alert rule will be saved.
  4. Import an alert rule:
    1. In the Alert Rules dialog box, click Import.
    2. Navigate to the location where the alert rule file is saved.
    3. Click Open.

      The selected file is displayed in the Import Alert Rules dialog box.

    4. Click Import to import the rule.
    5. Click Close.

    You can create an alert based on this imported rule.

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