Automatic Registration - Associating Clients

The following section describes the steps involved in associating the client computers to the Target CommServes:

  1. Login to the Master CommServe's CommCell Console, and then click the Web Console icon.

  2. Type the user name and the password to access the Web Console, and click Login.

  3. Click For Administrators.

  4. Click Auto Registration.

  5. Specify the database details as follows:
    1. In the Host Name box, type the host name of the computer on which the Database resides.
    2. In the Instance Name box, type the name of the Database instance.
    3. In the User Name box, type the user name to access the Database.
    4. In the Password box, type the password of the user account.
    5. Click OK.

    This screen will be displayed only when the administrator logs in for the first time.

  6. Click Register a Client.

  7. Specify the following details:
    • In the Client Name box, type the client name of  the computer where you want to install the custom package.
    • In the Target CommServe box, select a CommServe.

      All the target CommServes that are registered to the Master CommServe will be available here for selection. If you want to add a new target CommServe to this list, first you need to register that target CommServe to the Master CommServe from CommCell Console. Once registered successfully, the new target CommServe will be listed here for selection. See Setting up Master CommServe for more information.

    • In the Client Group box, select a Client Group. All the settings of the assigned client group will be applied to the client. For example, Firewall configuration or data encryption settings etc.
    • Select a Subclient Policy or a Storage Policy.

      The File System Agent on the client will use the assigned subclient policy or storage policy for all backup and restore operations.

    • Click Save.

    Repeat this step if you want to register more clients and to associate them with the designated target CommServes.