Auxiliary Copy - Getting Started

The Auxiliary Copy operation creates additional standby copies of data. These standby copies are referred as secondary copies. You can use different media and different libraries for the primary and secondary copies. For the auxiliary copy operations, jobs (data) are copied sequentially from primary copy to secondary copy.

If the primary copy becomes inoperative due to a storage media failure, or a library or network malfunction, you can promote a synchronous secondary copy to become the primary copy. This allows you to continue operations as before and make repairs without interrupting backup and restore operations.

The process flow for Auxiliary Copy involves the following tasks in the order listed:

  1. Create a Storage Policy
  2. Associate a storage policy with a subclient and perform client backups.

    For more information on how to run backups, see the documentation for the specific agent.

  3. Create a Secondary Copy
  4. Performing an Auxiliary Copy