Transitioning from Image Level Agent to Block-Level Backups

If you have been using the Image Level Agent to protect your AIX and Linux data, then you must transition to Block-Level Backups.

Block-level backups provide better performance over file system backups and disk image-based backups if the file system has a large number of small files by reducing the scan times.

Note: You cannot use your installed version of the Image Level Agent to perform backups in the next version of SnapProtect.

Applies To: AIX File System Agent, Linux File System Agent


  1. Deconfigure CXBF devices using Volume Explorer.

    For instructions, see Deconfiguring CXBF Devices using Volume Explorer.

  2. Configure a UNIX/Linux File System subclient for block-level backup with the same volumes as content.

    For instructions, see Configuring a Subclient for Block-Level Backup for UNIX/Linux File Systems Agent.