Getting Started with Block-Level Backup

Before configuring block-level backups, ensure that these prerequisites are met:

  • System Requirements:

    Refer to System Requirements for a list of supported platforms and other requirements for block-level backups.

  • Deployment:

    MediaAgent and File System components must be installed on the client computer.

    Before installing the software, verify that you have the necessary licenses to install the required components. (Block-level backup does not require any special licenses other than the licenses needed to install the necessary components.)

    For more information, see:

  • SnapProtect software Service Pack:

    Service Pack 8 or later must be installed for the following components:

    • CommServe
    • Client and MediaAgents used to perform block-level backups

The following links will help you to set up your CommCell environment and to run your first backup and restore:

  1. Install the CommServe.
  2. Install the File System Agent.
  3. Open CommCell Console.
  4. Configure Storage Device.
  5. Create a Subclient.
  6. Back up Data.
  7. Restore Data.
  8. Where to Go from Here.

For more information about configuring, backing up, or restoring data using block-level backups, see: