Configuring CXBF Devices using Volume Explorer

On UNIX, a CXBF device is a volume or a partition that is monitored by the CXBF block-filter driver. This block-filter driver monitors the volume or the partition for changed blocks.

You can create a CXBF device for the volume you want to back up, using Volume Explorer. For more information, see Volume Explorer. Volume Explorer maintains a database of the disk volumes attached to each MediaAgent, including the unique identifying information (WWN/LUN) for each volume.

Consider the following when configuring a CXBF device:

  • Do not configure CXBF devices on operating system files.
  • CXBF devices can only be configured on quiescent file systems that are unmountable or not busy.


  1. From the CommCell Console ribbon, click Home | Control Panel.
  2. Under System, double-click Volume Explorer.
  3. In the Volume Explorer dialog box, from the Hosts list, select the host connected to the volume you want to configure.
  4. Right-click the volume in the Volumes list, and then select Configure CXBF device.

    If the volume you want is not listed for a host, right-click the host and click Detect.

  5. In the Submit Configure Request dialog box, click Configure.