CommCell Migration - Best Practices

Managing Migrated Data on Destination CommCell

After CommCell Migration, the merged mount paths are disabled for write operations to prevent new data being written onto them. These mount paths are used for restore purposes only. New mount paths should be created for future backup operations.

By default, pruning is disabled on the migrated mount paths. However in case of permanent CommCell Migration, you can configure pruning on migrated mount paths by enabling read/write access on them. See Data Aging of Migrated Mount Paths for step-by-step instructions.

CommCell Migration or GRC jobs should not be started while tape catalog job is running

Running CommCell Migration or GRC jobs in parallel with tape catalog job is not recommended. This may damage the CommCell Database. Also running only one tape catalog job at a time is recommended.

Managing Silo based Configuration

To ensure that a mount path with sufficient space is available in the library at all times, you can have a dedicated mount path that is reserved for Silo restore operations only. When reserved for Silo restores, the number of data writers to the mount path is set to zero and this prevents the mount path from being used for regular backup operations.

Make sure to use the same barcode while restoring silo storage on destination CommCell.

When using global deduplication, by default all deduplication database (DDB) operations are performed on the Primary copy of the Global Deduplication Policy. You can seal the DDB, mark the active media full, and reconstruct the DDB if configured.

You can configure Silo options from Storage policy copy level. See Modifying Silo Copy Settings.

Auxiliary Copy of Migrated Data

If you have enabled deduplication on a primary copy, you must create separate secondary copies for each CommCell and then perform the auxiliary copy operation. If the Primary copy has jobs from multiple CommCells, backup jobs from only one CommCell will be picked up for auxiliary copy operation.

For example: If the Primary Copy has backup jobs performed in CommCell 1, CommCell 2 and CommCell 3; backup jobs, that are performed in CommCell 1, will be picked up during the auxiliary copy operation. The backup jobs that are performed in CommCell 2 and CommCell 3 will not be copied.

Migrating Multiple Clients

If you want to migrate large number of clients from one CommCell to another, we recommend to perform export and import operations in batches and select limited number of clients in each batch. You can select clients with critical data in the initial batch of operation. These clients will be imported first in the destination CommCell and will be immediately ready for backup and other CommCell operations in the destination CommCell.