CommCell Migration - FAQ

How can I manage the deduplication database after CommCell Migration on the Destination CommCell?

After CommCell migration, local storage policies can no longer be used for local backups. Basically, a storage policy should only have data from one CommCell.

After CommCell migration, the deduplication database operates in read-only mode on the destination CommCell. The migrated deduplicated storage policies on the destination CommCell can be used to restore the migrated deduplicated data and to perform Auxiliary Copy jobs. However, new deduplicated backup jobs cannot be performed to the migrated storage policies on the destination CommCell.

Do we migrate the content indexes during CommCell migration?

No. The content indexes are not migrated by a CommCell migration.

Can I Use the Migrated Storage Policies for Backups of Migrated Clients in the Destination CommCell?

No. Storage Policy should only have data from one CommCell. Hence after CommCell migration, migrated storage policies can no longer be used for backups. If you want to perform backups of migrated clients, then you must assign a local storage policy (storage policy created in the destination CommCell) to subclients of the migrated clients.

Can I Perform Auxiliary Copy Operations for a Migrated Storage Policy in the Destination CommCell?

No. The auxiliary copy operation for a migrated storage policy is not supported in the destination CommCell. We recommend to perform all the required auxiliary copy operations before exporting the metadata records for migration. Otherwise, you can create a new secondary copy for the migrated storage policy and then perform the auxiliary copy operation to the new (local) copy. Ensure that global deduplication is not enabled for the local copy.

The promotion of any synchronous copy to be primary copy for a migrated storage policy is not supported.

Can I migrate a client that doesn't have a subclient?

No. The migration doesn't fail, but the client is not captured. The client to be migrated should have atleast one subclient (default subclient or user-defined subclient) created.

Can I Perform Cross Version CommCell Migration?

Yes. You can migrate clients from 10.0 CommCell to 9.0 CommCell. Consider the following before performing the cross version migration:

  • You cannot migrate from lower version CommCell to higher version CommCell. The migration of clients from 9.0 CommCell to 10.0 CommCell is not supported.
  • You can migrate the 9.0 clients or lower version (8.0 or 7.0) clients in the 10.0 CommCell to a 9.0 CommCell. The migration of 10.0 clients to 9.0 CommCell is not supported.
  • If you use a 10.0 MediaAgent to perform the backup of any 9.0 client in the 10.0 CommCell and then migrate the 9.0 client to a 9.0 CommCell, you cannot perform the Browse and Restore operation.  You can perform the Restore by Job operation.