Migrating a CommServe Client

You can migrate the CommServe client after you have migrated all the other clients to the destination CommCell.

Before You Begin

Perform name change for all the migrated clients except the source CommServe client.


  1. Logon to the CommCell Console of the destination CommCell.
  2. Rename the migrated CommServe client on the destination CommServe by adding a prefix or a suffix to the client name.
  3. From the Source CommServe machine, uninstall Simpana packages.
  4. Install a client or MediaAgent on the machine pointing to the destination CommServe.
    The uninstalled source CommServe client is available as deconfigured and the newly installed client or MediaAgent appears as an active client computer.

What to Do Next

  1. Perform Check Readiness on the newly installed client.
  2. Run backups to the active client and verify if the backups are successful.