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  • CommServer (Database: CommServ)


  • 10.0.0


Executes a SQL View


qoperation execscript -sn QS_ExecuteView [ViewName] [SelectClause] [WhereClause] [Top] [GroupBy] [OrderBy]


qoperation execscript -sn QS_ExecuteView -si @ViewName = 'CommCellClientVersion'

qoperation execscript -sn QS_ExecuteView -si @ViewName = 'CommCellClientVersion' -si @SelectClause='Name, MAX(Version) as MaxVersion' -si @WhereClause = 'Name LIKE ''%cv%''' -si @Top = '100' -si @GroupBy ='Name' -si @OrderBy ='Name'

Input Parameters: Except ViewName all are optional

-- ViewName - Name of the View.

-- SelectClause - Optional. Comma separated list of Columns and also any aggregate functions like MAX etc.

-- WhereClause - Optional. SQL Where clause condition.

-- Top - Optional. Top N rows to be returned from the result set.

-- GroupBy - Optional. Comma separated list of Columns.

-- OrderBy - Optional. Comma separated list of Columns, Sorts the result set by given columns.


  • 1.3
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