Client Computer Groups - Getting Started

A client computer group is a logical grouping of client computers. Client computer groups help define options for an entire group of clients instead for individual clients.

You can create a client group where you can manually or automatically add client computers. To create a smart client computer group using automatic associations, see Client Computer Groups - Smart Client Groups Using Automatic Association.

Use the following steps to create a client computer group and manually move client computers into the computer group.

  1. From the CommCell Browser, right-click Client Computer Groups and then click New Group.
  2. From the Create New Client Group dialog box, type a name for the new computer group in the Group Name box and provide a brief description in the Description box.
  3. Select the Manual Association check box.
  4. In the Client Computers list, press the Ctrl key and select the clients that are part of the group.
  5. Click Include > to move the selected clients to the Clients in this group list.
  6. Once the selected clients appear in the Clients in this group list, click OK.
  7. You can view the newly created client group under the Client Computer Groups node.